1-2-1 Sessions

Are 1:1 coaching sessions available?

Not at this time. Sports venues (including cricket facilities) must remain closed as instructed by the government until at least 29-03-2021 (subject to review) and you may currently only exercise in a public outdoor space with one other person.  The ECB is clear that the definition of exercise in a public space is not intended to include cricket activity.

Single Session

One-off Session

These can be 30 minutes or an hour (depending on the facility) and will address a specific area that you request.

Blocks Of Sessions

Blocks of Sessions

Booking a series of sessions allows a more comprehensive approach to be taken, building on existing strengths, addressing weaknesses and introducing new skills / elements. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and vary in length depending on what is being worked on.

Evaluation Session

Evaluation Session

Normally lasting 90 minutes, an evaluation session allows us to consider your whole game and agree areas that could be developed. The evaluation session will address the ECB Player Development model as appropriate for you.


When coaching I often use video work (with your agreement). As part of my ongoing support I am happy to look at videos you take elsewhere and give feedback.


Discounts are available when paying for a block of lessons in advance, e.g. 10 sessions for the price of 9.

There is an additional 10% discount for Blue Light Card holders. This applies to my time not any costs related to venue hire.


There are three options regarding location.

  1. I come to you. Depending where you are there may be an option to hire facilities, possibly at no cost, e.g. you may have access to a local club/school’s nets. I am very happy to come to your club / school / sports hall / park charging only for my time. I have a lot of training equipment so let me do the travelling. My hourly rate is £35 an hour.
  2. Indoor Facilities. I use the Choice Cricket Centre, Redbourn, Herts. The sessions are a minimum of 1 hour. I can book the facility which means the overall cost is slightly lower. The cost would be £50 an hour.
  3. Outdoor Facilities. When they are available I use the nets at Dunstable Town CC where I am a member. I make a payment towards the costs of net mainteance so my hourly rate is £45.