1-2-1 Sessions

With national COVID-19 restrictions ending from 2nd December 2020 and with England returning to local tiers, the following amendments have been made to the guidance:

1. Reversion to local restrictions where different tiers of restrictions apply in different parts of England

a. Following asecond lockdown period in November 2020, the UK Government will revert to the three-tiered system of local COVID alert levels (Medium, High, Very High) from 2nd December 2020 – please note that the tiers have been toughened and many more areas have been placed into the higher tiers in order to safeguard the gains made during the period of national restrictions, so please read this updated guidance carefully.

b. UK Government restrictions on sport in England are as follows:

1 Medium Alert Tier
Organised sport can take place outdoors. Organised indoor sport and classes must follow the rule of six. Youth(U18) and disability sport is unaffected.

2 High Alert Tier
Organised sport can take place outdoors. Organised indoor sport and classes are only permitted provided that different households or support bubbles do not mix (not including the coach). Youth (U18) and disability sport is unaffected.

3 Very High Alert
Organised sport can take place outdoors. Organised sport, physical activity and exercise classes cannot take place indoors. Youth(U18) and disability sport is unaffected.

Please note that throughout this guidance U18 refers to the actual age of the individual ‘on the day’, not to their cricket age group as determined on the 1st of September 2020.

Single Session

One-off Session

These can be 30 minutes or an hour (depending on the facility) and will address a specific area that you request.

Blocks Of Sessions

Blocks of Sessions

Booking a series of sessions allows a more comprehensive approach to be taken, building on existing strengths, addressing weaknesses and introducing new skills / elements. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and vary in length depending on what is being worked on.

Evaluation Session

Evaluation Session

Normally lasting 90 minutes, an evaluation session allows us to consider your whole game and agree areas that could be developed. The evaluation session will address the ECB Player Development model as appropriate for you.


When coaching I often use video work (with your agreement). As part of my ongoing support I am happy to look at videos you take elsewhere and give feedback.


Discounts are available when paying for a block of lessons in advance, e.g. 10 sessions for the price of 9.

There is an additional 10% discount for Blue Light Card holders.


I do not have any facilities. As a peripatetic coach I come to you, not you to me. Depending where you are there may be an option to hire indoor facilities, clearly at a cost. Relatively close to me is the Choice Cricket Centre, Redbourn, Herts. I am very happy to come to your club / school / sports hall / park charging only for my time. I have a lot of training equipment so let me do the travelling.