Cricket Suppliers

The following are suppliers I have used and found good.

I have no commercial relationship with these companies apart from buying from them as a customer. No discounts, no ‘kick backs’, nowt.

Warsop Stebbing            nr. Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 8AH                01245 400 434

Warsop Cricket is now owned and run by 5th generation of the family Clere Warsop alongside her partner Tony who is skilled batmaker, together the team combine centuries of bat making skill with a vast knowledge of the game as it has evolved to produce world class english willow bats.

e.g. Junior Cricket Bats from £115

I have used Warsops for ages. They do a good range of equipment in addition to bats. I found their range of equipment for younger players brilliant. They are very helpful and occasionally I get a cup of tea. Used by 1st class cricketers as well as many club players.


Redback Cricket              Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6FG              07414 478478

e.g. Allegiance Cricket Bat from £120

I got a bat from Redback which I find very good. We talked over the ‘phone regarding what I wanted, the advice was good, as is the product.


Writtle Cricket Centre   Writtle, near Chelmsford, Essex           07970 491784

Writtle Cricket Centre is 3 indoor nets with 20m run ups and a specialist cricket (uniturf) surface.

I used to coach here when I was based in Essex. A really good facility which has also been used by the Essex County Cricket Club. Also where the Sidearm was developed (


Bola Manufacturing Limited        Bristol               0117 924 3569

The iconic cricket bowling machine. They cater for cricket, hockey, baseball and golf. If your club has a bowling machine has it been serviced? They do that also. I have both a cricket bowling machine and a fielding trainer which I bring to facilities I use just in case. Bola also sell previously used machines. They give good advice over the ‘phone regarding what to look out for if owning/considering buying a machine.